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Coffice: Building happier teams through recognition!

Effortlessly send recognition and celebrate key milestones, like birthdays and work anniversaries. Affordable for any budget, Coffice fits all team setups, keeping everyone appreciated and connected.

30-day free trial, no commitment.

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Unbeatable pricing

At three times less expensive than other top Slack appreciation bots, Coffice offers great value without compromising on quality. This cost-effectiveness makes it an accessible choice for businesses of all sizes, ensuring that every team can foster a culture of appreciation and recognition without straining their budget.

1 user: 0,99€/month

594€/year for a team of 50


1 user: 3€/month

for a team of 50



  • Send Peer-to-peer Recognition Points

Foster a culture of appreciation with personalized acknowledgments.

  • Multiple Recognitions with a Single Click

Effortlessly award points to various team members in one go.

  • TV Board

Broadcast recognition and celebrate team success on your office TV, turning it into a central hub of celebration.

  • Leaderboard

Track and honor top contributors in real time.

  • News Feed

Stay updated with the latest achievements of your colleagues.

  • Celebrate Birthdays and Work

Coffice displays these special occasions prominently in the app home tab and on the TV Board, inviting team members to share recognition points and celebrate together.​

  • Team Lead Alerts

Send celebration reminders to managers for their team's important dates.

  • Effortless Data Integration with BambooHR

Pull in essential employee-related data from BambooHR without hassle.

  • Monthly Recaps

Review and celebrate monthly highlights and team performance.

  • Digital Badges

Unlock visual rewards for various achievements.

  • Recognition Points Limit Change
    Adapt Coffice more closely to your team’s needs by setting preferred daily recognition limits.

Coming Soon:​​
  • Quick Commands
    Instantly display leaderboards, news feeds, and special celebrations directly in your Slack channel.

  • Recognition Points Reports
    Generate and export detailed reports on points given and received by users during selected periods.

Why Coffice?

TV Board: Light up office with appreciation

TV Board ensures that recognition and appreciation are not only felt but seen throughout the office. This visual representation of acknowledgment, which can be displayed in communal areas like kitchens and lounges, reinforces a culture of recognition and keeps the energy of appreciation vibrant and public.

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Cultivate company culture
based on gratitude

Share your appreciation by giving a ++ to a single colleague or an entire group at once, initiating a journey towards stronger, more meaningful relationships. When you do, Coffice not only sends a thoughtful private message in response but also enriches your gesture with playful emojis, adding an extra layer of warmth and personality to your message.

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Promote operational transparency & trust

By making recognitions public within the organization and encouraging open communication, Coffice helps to build a foundation of trust. A transparent culture where achievements are openly acknowledged can lead to increased trust among employees, fostering a more transparent and harmonious workplace.

Why Coffice
Never miss a birthday or a work anniversary again with BambooHR integration!

Coffice promotes inclusivity and community spirit by ensuring that everyone’s milestones, such as birthdays and work anniversaries, are celebrated. Its integration with BambooHR automates the process, ensuring no one is overlooked. This helps to knit teams closer together, creating a supportive environment that values every member's personal and professional milestones.


Let’s hear it from people who use Coffice every day!


Co-Founder and CEO, GrowTech

Coffice is super easy to use and helps to keep remote team engaged through appreciation of colleagues. Also, it helps to foster right cultural values in the company.

Try Coffice for $0 now!

Transform your team dynamics with just a click. Why wait to spread positivity? Get started now and see the difference for yourself!

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