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Coffice: Building happier teams through Slack!

Coffice application nurtures a culture of gratitude and appreciation, seamlessly integrating your company's values into daily interactions. Perfect for all teams, whether in-office, remote, or hybrid, it ensures colleagues stay meaningfully connected, regardless of where they are.

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++ introducing Coffice

Peer recognition is a powerful way to boost morale and promote a healthy organizational culture. But saying "thank you" is not always as easy as it sounds. That’s why we created Coffice – peer recognition tool for Slack that helps you foster a more positive company culture based on gratitude, inclusion, engagement, and transparency.

Don’t wait to say thank you. Thank every day with Coffice.

++ why Coffice?

Coffice is the go-to tool to bring your colleagues together. Make all the thank yous visible, share people's appreciation of each other and learn about the achievements of your colleagues.

Creates Value

Encourages recognition and appreciation between the colleagues

Cultivates Gratitude💖

Increases gratitude and fosters the culture of thank yous within the company

Promotes Inclusion🙌

Builds community and support for each other, connect colleagues together

Boosts Well-Being🌷

Boosts mutual engagement and your co-workers’ mental health

Improves Transparency


Encourages internal communication based on mutual trust


++ features


Share appreciation within your organization!

Give ++ to one or many co-workers at once and start cultivating better relationships. Coffice sends a private message in response and adds emoji to your message.

Recognition Dashboard

See +leaderboard and appreciation feed in the Coffice dashboard and stay informed about your colleagues' anniversaries, birthdays and company newcomers!


Integration with
Bamboo HR

Give in to automation and easily connect Coffice to Bamboo HR system. Get your employee's birthdays and employment dates automatically with periodic data import.


++ our experience

Our employees

Why do they like Coffice?

"Great to learn about the achievements of colleagues from other teams"

++ how much does it cost?


only 0.99 $

per user per month

Start your subscription right now!
You will get:

  • First 30 days FREE 🔥

  • Peer recognition tool for Slack

  • Recognition dashboard

  • Integration with Bamboo HR

  • Periodic customer support

  • Happy and engaged employees

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